poetic musings

random thoughts 2

How painful can it be
To let somebody go?
How sorry can you be
When it’s the only love you’ll know.



My heart breaks into a million pieces,
It aches silently…
My heart beats slowly, unable to breathe
If this can be classified as dying
Then I’m already dead.


I can’t explain
The pain I feel at the moment…
I’m in a state of shock.
Trying to fight the pain
That keeps on seeping in my heart.
I wanted to cry…
But I’m trying to hold back the tears
that’s been waiting to fall down
On my checks…
I wanted to shout,
I scream silently
In pain…
As I try to be brave…
Hoping against hope
That I would be able to go through this
In spite of everything…
That I would be able to survive…
As I lost the one person
That keeps me alive.


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