poetic musings

we are equal

We are born in the same context,
We human of all forms…

We may have different environments,
races, cultures and human norms…

We may have different positions and have
different plans and goals that we pursue…

We may have different beliefs and
opinions in all things that we do…

We may have different moods, temperaments,
attitudes and personalities…

But well all live inside the globe,
separated only by land and seas…

We are all created equal and we are
all similar in many ways…

Because we all have the similar problems,
we encounter them day by day…

We all face similar challenges,
it may be great or maybe small…

Because we were born and created equal,
by one God who made us all…

(Do you know what’s the funny thing about this poem? I made this when I was cleaning my entire room!!! Very unusual…inspirations pops.)

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