Books for Cents!

We (hubby, kids and me) went to our local library and dropped the books we’ve read (dropped since they have a dropbox there when you want to return borrowed books – minus the hassle of waiting in line for your turn).
How do you know if it’s returned from your name? They have these bar codes that they just scan and automatically erases that specific book from the ones you’ve checked out (I’m telling these for those who do not have this type of system for a library – which is – in our country – although I don’t know if this is already done in some of the areas within our country – all I know is that it’s not yet done in our city).
And of course, you can go online and reserve a book then pick it up in the nearest library.
Now, where was I?
Ah yeah. Today is Friday and I was quite lucky since today (and tomorrow) is book sale day. The local library sells books and the proceeds goes to the library (or whatever). And I got some books sold for cents!
Really. I got a Christina Dodd for just ten cents. A hard bound Judith Mcnaught and Sidney Sheldon for seventy five cents each! A Stephanie Laurens, a Devotional Book, A Thesaurus for twenty five cents, another Dodd, another McNaught and another Laurens. And, one of my TBR books – THE SHACK! I got it for only fifty cents!!!
That’s a WOW! I paid a total of $4.85 for all of these! No added tax. Just plain cash. WOW!

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