#27 LTB: Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, Filipino Author

This little volume bring together stories from Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo’s four collections of short fiction and her two novels, plus one new story. Readers will find the magical tales particularly interesting, since she is recognized as one of the leading practitioners in this genre. Also included are some of the popular Patriciang Payatot series.The book’s title,according to the author, is a translation of the Korean phrase which refers to the color of celadon. She says she chose it because it seems to capture the quality of her fiction.

The conversations range over the narratives of several generations of women writers, from Maria Paz Mendoza and Edith Tiempo to F.H.Batacan and Tara Sering; and cover conventional realist novels and short stories, as well as fairy tales, chick lit, crime fiction, and war memoirs.

Almost everyone has suffered, at one time or the other, from some ailment, real or imagined. In true Pinoy fashion, we all cope by laughing about it, proving that laughter, indeed, is the best medicine. The 64 funny essays and poems in this book are all about the maladies that have afflicted some of the best writers in the country today–from a wandering eye to the big C, from an irrational fear of insects to a full-blown nervous breakdown. They are interspersed with nuggets of information on the illnesses.

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