#28 LTB: Collection of Stories

Meet the Wongs, Shengs, and Tsuis. Each of these families has its own troubles and secrets. But the three clans-whose members include a matriarch who talks to dead relatives, her nymphomaniac granddaughter, and a street punk-share a past and face a common future. Hailed by critics, Troublemaker “refracts classic old-vs.-new-world tensions through the prism of second-generation Chinese-American Gen-Xers.” (Time)
In the provocative title story an ambitious young actor assumes the identity of his dead brother, killed in a notorious Hollywood film accident. “Brilliant Disguise” tells the story of an Asian American masked wrestler, while in “Lost Years” two brothers must adopt false names while on the road and on the run. Whether portraying the hapless erosion of innocence or the musings of young men longing to be something other – a boy detective, a Jehovah’s Witness, a swan – the stories in Goblin Fruit announce a distinctive literary voice shaped by the pop dreams and cultural divides of a Los Angeles forever transformed by the writer’s subtle craft.

“Elegant and engrossing…[an] unusually complete portrait of contemporary Asian America.”-Los Angeles Times…”A gem….Lee has captured this truth beautifully, wisely, and with winning economy.”-Cleveland Plain Dealer

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