In Your Wildest Dreams by Toni Blake

The author of “The Red Diary” pens an irresistible erotic romance about a woman posing as an escort to find her sister, and the sexy bartender who helps her. Original.

Chapter One

It was only by chance that she sat before a mirror as she rolled the silk stocking up her leg. She saw herself in the glass, wearing only the stocking and a pair of satin cream-colored panties.

“Get a thong,” Melody had instructed her. “It’ll make you feel sexier.”

Stephanie had ignored that part. She hadn’t particularly wanted to feel sexy.

But as the second stocking whispered up the smooth skin of her calf, thigh, the lace top resting only a couple of inches from her crotch, a hint of titillation rose there, unbidden.

“It takes more than a pretty dress,” Melody had said. “You have to feel it. Sell it. You have to be it, or you’ll never fool anybody.”

Sell it. Those were the two words she’d plucked from Melody’s advice. If Stephanie was adept at anything, it was selling. Products. Pitches. This was a little different, of course. No, a lot different. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t pull it off.

She glanced back at the cheval mirror in the corner of her room. She’d never seen herself look so purely sexual.

Getting to her feet, she stepped into the ivory cocktail dress, sliding her arms through spaghetti-thin shoulder straps, reaching behind to the zipper. The fabric pulled close, again sending an unexpected tendril of awareness through her body. Awareness of self, of her own sensuality.

Strange, the journeys life led a person on-strange what someone could make themselves do for love. If anyone who knew her could see her now-sexy dress, strappy shoes, about to plunge into a decadent city’s underworld-they wouldn’t believe it. She could hardly believe it herself.

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