Cathy Yardley, A New Favorite

I would want to say a huge THANK YOU to Cathy Yardley for two reasons.

  1. For making glorious plots, different from each other, with different twists.  You’ve got a lot of imagination girl!
  2. For making me fall in love with Silhouette again.  It came to a point I keep thinking, that’s it?  Similar stories, plots, bed scenes, finale?  I mean, I expected as much with romance pbs, but can it not be a little different?  And Yardley, I think you’ve done it.

I’ve read three books of hers in a row – started with Guilty Pleasures (and sure boy, it was a pleasure), then with Jack & Jilted and recently, One Night Standards.  Three books, three different (and yummy) stories, three different whirlwind romance – those three were just too different from each other.  Obviously those are romance pbs, so they have similar goals and intent – making the reader fall inlove with love and learn new ones (bedroom wise).  But one thing that made Yardley standout is that she made the stories deliciously different – all were a BLAZE alright.  Kudos to you CY!


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