Everyone Is Beautiful by Katherine Center

237 pages • Done Feb 19, 2010 
Published by Ballantine Books • January 1st 2009
Adult Fiction • Realistic • Chick Lit
Cambridge, Massachusetts. These days, Lanie always seems to rank herself dead last–and when another mom accidentally criticizes her appearance, it’s the final straw. Fifteen years, three babies, and more pounds than she’s willing to count since the day she said “I do,” Lanie longs desperately to feel like her old self again. It’s time to rise up, fish her moxie out of the diaper pail, and find the woman she was before motherhood capsized her entire existence. 

What I needed so desperately, and did not have in my life, was something I could point out to and say, ‘I did that’.  Something that was a direct reflection of me. 

Everyone Is Beautiful, p. 60

First few pages and I was smitten!  It doesn’t feel like I was reading a book, it felt like I was reading my journal.  I simply love it!
It was quirky and funny – all the pent-up emotions of being a mom, a wife, a daughter was all there – putting altogether the side of the mom-self that can simply be frustrating when you live through it and know it was no joke trying to juggle everything like it was ever easy to do – and expected of you.

Reading this book made me look at the funny things of myself.  This book made me more forgiving to myself, to assimilate rather than carve a ‘life’ within the life I own and lead.
I can never get back to the pre-mom self I am coveting.  True.  Nor can I make a ‘life’ out of the life I have.  But I can make the most out of every ‘solemn’ hour, a treat for a job well done.  And even if I can’t get back to using my favorite 26-inch jeans, at least I can try.  
I  may not be able to take a bath everyday than I used to for trying to tend to kids and organizing a home, and my belly may seem to grow on its own – but hey – my husband still thinks I’m sexy – that I’m still as beautiful.  Of course, he doesn’t wear thick-rimmed glasses.
I believe Katherine Center captured the essence of what we all moms are going through.  She pointed the facts.  How great we can be in spite of – and that we can find the beauty (in funny ways) of living our mom lives if we look hard enough.

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