Be Mine Forever by Rosemary Laurey

Love Can Change You…For Eternity…
Tom Kyd has smoldering eyes, a sculpted body, and supernatural staying power—even for a vampire. He also thinks he knows best about everything—including how to figure out who Angela Ryan was before he and his clan rescued her from a mysterious attack that stole her memory. But whoever she is, Tom wants her…
Six months ago Angela never would have imagined her life would turn into an episode of Dark Shadows—or that she’d be saved by the kind of man she’s always fantasized about. Tom may be a vampire, and a know-it-all, but when his kisses are so sinful, so intoxicating, and so damn good, Angela is tempted to say yes to whatever he wants…

PD July 2010 | 12.22.10 | 352pp. | A-
Paranormal Romance | Vampires Fiction

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