~ 2012 reads

The Last Place You Look (Tyler in Trouble, #1) by Ella Kennen

All Tyler had to do was keep his house key safe for an hour. He lost it in under a minute. 
The ten-year-old was supposed to be kicking karate booty. But now Tyler must join forces with his six-year-old sister to find the missing key before his neighbor picks him up. Before his sister has to go potty. Before the dogs… oh, you don’t want to hear about the dogs. 
At 5,430 words, the illustrated THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK is a fun, fast-paced introduction to Tyler’s world. 
 PD July 2012 | 10.02.12 | B- (ARC) 

The plot is good, the story is fine but it lacks organization. It needs improvement especially in the flow of the story when going back and forth two scenes. It lacks details that would have made the descriptive words more interesting. It felt like a disorganized narration more than reading a short story. But then again, the plot is good.

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