Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire #1138) by Maureen Child

Any way she looked at it, Denise Torrance’s well-ordered life was about to turn upside down…and all because of an unexpected night with the man of her dreams! But when that very man insisted they marry for their child’s sake, Denise could only hope Mike Ryan would be the groom of her dreams too. 
There was no denying the passion that burned between them–her handsome new husband’s desire for her hadn’t cooled a bit. But dare Denise hope to win his heart? 

PD Mar 1998 | 186pp | 10.02.12 | B+
Romance | Silhouette Desire


I would have loved the complication, but it seems too sudden. A woman can’t just believe that a man will marry her when he only just met her, even with a child on the way. A cynical man don’t just change his mind to convince a woman he loves her wholeheartedly without thinking that it might JUST BE BECAUSE of the child. Anyway, that’s what fiction is.


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