~ 2013 reads

Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter by Elaine St. James

The more complex life becomes, the more people crave simplicity. Whether it’s in your work, relationships, health, finanaces, or leisure time, simplicity expert Elaine St. James can help you learn to unwind and improve the quality of your life. If you’re overpowered, overextended, and overwhelmed by the go-go lifestyle of the past decade, “Simplify Your Life” is your antidote, providing one hundred proven, practical steps for creating a simple and satisfying way of life.
PD May 1994 | 256pp | 01.09.13 | A-

I like the book because I found out that my life is fairly simple. There are things suggested in the book that we are habitually doing and there are certain habits that needs improvement. It is just good to know our family have a simplified life and we just need minor improvements to make it more fulfilling and healthy.

The author’s intention was to share what she learned and applied in her aim to simplification. These were the tips and tricks she learned along the way for her own satisfaction.

My favorite was her suggestion to seek for the book Speed Cleaning by Jeff Campbell and the Clean Team (I have to read that book) because it may help in cleaning house without backtracking (I need that) and the part about the difference between a man and a woman’s wardrobe put a big ‘smiling in agreement’ face on me. Although I beg to disagree on some tips like getting rid of the phone and the car (my eyes rolled on this one as we live in Texas).

Most of what she has written, most of it we already know. But because she has done it, she has shared her way of doing it. Because let’s face it, we might know most of these things, but what are we doing about it? Or if we are already in the process of simplifying, this book may offer a different perspective other than our own.


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