~ 2013 reads

Case Closed by Stephanie Campbell

222 pages
Published August 6th 2012
Finished reading on July 3, 2013
Rating: A-
Genre: Mystery | Crime

Overview –

A young woman is gruesomely murdered. Within days another is attacked, and then another disappears. 
The Suspects Psychiatrist Robin Lenning argues with his mistress at the restaurant just moments before she is brutally attacked and murdered. 
Renae Lenning has known about her husband’s affair for years, but she kept it quiet. Has jealousy pushed her over the edge? 
Addict Robby Brown leaves his valet job at the restaurant early in search of drugs. Soon after, his DNA is located at the first two crimes. 
Detective Tim Sheldon must unravel the knots of secrets to prevent further attacks or risk being entangled within the orchestrated chaos of this shrewd, vicious murderer.
My Thoughts
I felt like reading one of the detective shows I love to watch. It was an interesting read, each character’s emotions and experiences were depicted very well.  Although I would have preferred a different ending, I think this is one of those crime stories you do not want to close just yet.

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