~ 2013 reads

Reflections of a Wandering Mind by Meghan Robbins

41 pages

Published on September 18, 2012 (Smith Publicity)
Finished reading on July 26, 2013
Rating: A+
Genre: Prose and Poetry | Reflections
Source: NetGalley
Overview –

As a young adult growing up in a quickly changing world, this is a book about self discovery through the outlet of poetry. Everyone has doubts, fears, and realizations on life while trying to find themselves. Friendships gained or lost, ideals molded by society, and a journey from young adult to twenty-something. This is a recount of that journey from the highs to lows along with the massive gray area in-between.
My Thoughts –
Reflections of A Wandering Mind is like reading some of the reflections I’ve had while growing up.  
Masks reminded me of how my daughter perceive life.  And Basement Tracks made me reflect that maybe, that is how my daughter might be feeling when she’s going to parties and with friends, moments of freedom from everything, in spite of the consequences afterwards.  1,000 Moments in 1 Second made me mark the “what if’s of grief”
When things and people in general does not comprehend you, you turn to the one thing that helps it all make sense, in your own world, writing down exactly how it was to you. And when you grow older, and maybe wiser, you’ll read again these reflections, and how it molded you to be understanding of the trivial and complications of life. And find wonders in knowing you survived all of it.
The power of writing down your thoughts.

“Our tongues can’t compete with the rapid thinking of our brains, our words come out slow and slurred. The pen is our haven. There is a lot of fear buried into that little pen. It holds all of our agony, our torment, our blood and our heaven.” ― Coco J. Ginger


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