Top Ten Tuesday – Regency Setting

It took me a while to figure out what exactly my favorite setting is, since there were a tons of setting that I love, love, love!
It was really a eureka moment for when I thought of all the historical romance books that I love and FOUND the specific setting that would make me pick a book.  So for this TTT, I go for the REGENCY SETTING.

REGENCY literature is generally set during the period of the English Regency or early 19th century. Rather than simply being versions of contemporary stories transported to a historical setting, Regency novels are a distinct genre with their own plot and stylistic conventions that derive from the works of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and from the fiction genre known as the novel of manners. In particular, most Regencies feature a great deal of intelligent, fast-paced dialog between the protagonists and (traditionally) very little explicit sex or discussion of sex. Other common elements of Regency romances include mystery or farce elements in the plot; references to the Ton (le bon ton); a secondary romance between another couple in addition to the more serious story involving the main protagonists; mistaken identity (deliberate or otherwise); false engagements; marriages of convenience; depictions of activities common during the social season such as balls, routs, carriage riding, theatre events, fittings, suppers, assemblies, etc.; references to, or descriptions of, leisure activities engaged in by fashionable young men of the period, including riding, driving, boxing, gambling, fencing, shooting, etc. (via GoodReads)

My top ten favorites in no particular order are –

What’s your Regency setting recommendations?

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