Otto Goes To Bed and the Mommy Book by Todd Parr

Otto Goes to Bed

24 pages
Published May 1st 2003
Finished reading January 26, 2014
Rating: A+
Genre: Children | Picture Books

Finished reading Meet Otto! “Woof, woof!” It’s time for bed, but Otto doesn’t want to go. Do you feel like that sometimes? What do you think Otto will do? Open this book and find out!


 The Mommy Book

32 pages 
Published April 1st 2002 
Finished reading on January 26, 2014 
Rating: A+ 
Genre: Children | Picture Books

With his trademark, child-like art, Todd Parr celebrates mothers, whether they drive a minivan or a motorcycle or work in a big building or at home. Full color.

My Thoughts 

I reserved this books from the library, and when I was checking these books out, when my son saw them, he gave me a big thank you! He really loves Todd Parr! Read these books to him and he read them by himself…and he still wants to read them, again and again.

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