~ 2015 Reads

Myth and Knowing: An Introduction to World Mythology by Scott A. Leonard, Michael McClure

480 pages • Done May 5, 2015
Published by McGraw-Hill • February 18th 2003
Genre Mythology • Reference

“Myth and Knowing” is a rich resource of myths and mythology through the ages, in which scholarly and literary materials combine to provide a seamless portrait of this multicultural topic. Balanced and nuanced discussions explore the ways in which myths have portrayed both men and women. In addition, art and maps contextualize selected myths, providing insights into the cultures and religious traditions from which they originated. (via GoodReads)

– excerpt from Chapter 5: Trickster Myths, Elderberry Flute Song by Peter Blue Cloud –

It’s not learning that’s important, but the leaning. You must lean towards your questions, your problems; lean slowly so that you don’t bend the solution too badly out of shape. 


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