Students and Smartphones

A repost from my old blog (the article on the Edudemic website has been removed).

It took me a while to gather my thoughts (well, busy bee) and come up with something worthwhile regarding this. My thoughts rambled as emotions regarding smartphone savvy kids and education does not coincide with the conclusions gathered here, and I don’t dismiss the fact that this might be true for some students. In fact, I find it interesting that this survey would result to the conclusion that ‘students who uses smartphones tend to study more, and more efficiently‘. Eh?

I grew up in an age where technology and the internet was still in its initial stage. Computers were IBM and the coolest disks are in floppy, three and a half in sizes. Where cell phones were just being invented and mobile phones were rare (the first time I saw one, it was a big analog Motorola that required you to carry a big bag). I bought my first cell phone out of college, from my first paycheck. Was I an efficient student? Did I study more without technology? Most of us that certain time did.

I’m not in any way trying to compare what was then and what is now, what I’m just trying to point out (pardon me, I’m still thinking) is that having this kind of technology within a student’s reach has its advantages and disadvantages.

The infographic above exhibit the advantages, and given the easy access and the amount of apps a student can access to, any student can study quite effectively and efficiently. But reality wise, the disadvantages can point towards the premise that smartphones in all its glory and good intent, is also an effective and efficient distraction to any student. The misuse is also evident in the vivid picture above (to anybody who has school age kids with cell phones, you know exactly what I mean).

So, I beg to disagree that having a smartphone makes a student study more. What I know for sure is that the motivation to study has to come from the innate interest of the student to learn, whether or not he/she has a smartphone. However, I do agree that any technology is an efficient and effective TOOL for anyone to become a better student, as long as he/she has the discipline to use it to his/her advantage.

(In reply to the above infographic, read from This Is How Students Are Using Smartphones, on Edudemic)

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