Summer Reading

GoodReads polled members on their summer reading habits.  Although I wasn’t one of the whooping 95,000 who joined the poll, here’s my take on the Qs:

1. How many books do you bring on vacation?

If there’s a way to pack my library, I would. Although experience-wise, I won’t be able to do any reading on vacation, only during the long drive, so I’m limited to two books.  But summer reading per se, I would voraciously read more than twenty books, across genre.

2. What type of books do you read on vacation?

I’m into hardbacks and paperbacks, and once in a while, I’ll throw in an e-book. Nevertheless, I’ll choose traditional book every time.

3. How long is your ideal vacation read?

Really? Ideally, if I can read longer than I can, and not concern myself with reality, it would be forever, forever, forever. (echoes)

4. What genres do you like to read on vacation?

I’m not specific in my reads, I mostly pick up books that I need to finish. or the ones thick enough to last long drives.

5. Where do you usually read during the summer?

Wow! I don’t remember where I am when I’m reading.  But the basic answer would be in the bedroom, on the bed, with a tea.  I also read in the kitchen while brewing whatever concoction I decided to feed my family, and on a chair, with coffee. I also read in the bathroom, past the time I’ve defe—–. I also read in the car, on a plane, in a party.

Come to think of it, I barely read in our mini-library/office, and seldom in the living room.  I would never read while in a beach or a pool, or anywhere there’s water – kids first before books!



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