The Search

Where to go?Thinking, searching, asking for more;
but what in my mind do I want to explore?
Define, dissolve, I don’t have a clue;
not really knowing, what’s it I wanna do.
Looking, delving, confusingly so;
I stare into empty space, knowing not where to go.

What is it I ask? What is it that I must?
A crossroad, a journey, or something from the past?
The answer I guess, is out there somehow,
I clasp my hands together, my head in a bow.
Hoping, believing, go on, and dig deeper,
Stay still, look out, be content and feel better;
All the answers will, in its time get their cue,
But now learn to wait and you’ll get them when they’re due.

© 2015 ReadWriteSnap. All Rights Reserved.

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