The Thing I Want To Do – JOURNALING

I’ve been wanting to get back to journaling. My route with journals were – I would start it with a new pen and on crisp pages of a new notebook, but after a while, I would stop. I’d set it aside, go on with my daily activities, and not minding about the journal I’ve started. There are times I would want to do it on the blog, but I am all about pen and paper. So, what to write? Ideas?


Randomly about –

More often, it would be my random thoughts and emotions for the day. I never liked to rant (as opposed to the whirling rants in my head) writing it down.  It depletes joy to the otherwise momentum of reading the journal. The purpose supposedly was to look back and remember deep thoughts, gaining wisdom in the process, with no gossip or anger. I like quotes, and lists, but I’ve never been much on prompts.

I don’t want to try it this time, I wanted to continue my journal FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD.

Have you tried journaling?

Special credits to the awesome peeps who made these ideas, and to those who pinned.


What’s on my journal?

Yup. Laundry.

But then again –


Credits for most of these images go to the awesome people who made journal and laundry awesome and not boring.  I give the floor to you and thank you for posting these images online.


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