When Your Walls Have Spoken


We’ve been living in our home for about four years now and weeks before the first night we invaded our humble abode, we’ve painted most of the walls, the way I wanted them.  And it was a rainbow of colors all over that hubby never complained about since I did most of the painting.  DIY-er here, people.

Now, I felt the urge, yes, urge, to repaint.  Repaint the entire living space to a singular color that speaks bright light.  No, let me rephrase that, a color that screams ‘I-can-put-anything-in-here-without-worrying-what-color-would-not-clash-with-my-walls’, so to speak.


Neutrals really spoke to me.  Inviting me to try the simplicity, the straightforwardness that neutrals can offer.  It can truly go with anything, anytime, anywhere.  But I’m stumped.  For one, I’m a colorful person, emotions aside. I really like colors.  That’s why I painted my kids’ bedroom with a triple treat of green, blue and yellow.  We painted our laundry room in lilac and the second bathroom was in aqua green.  Our dining room was in lemon lime which I truly, truly love and the NW wall of the living room was in a sand green color.  The NE part of the living room was in a pastel blue and the kitchen was in lemon chiffon (which was a pastel yellow).  Our library was in coral/peach hue, and we’d like to keep it that way (we got a lot of compliments from that color, super love).  And the master bath?  Chocolate brown and blue.  Our bedroom, I started it with an accent wall the same shade with our master bath, but then I’ve changed it into a beautiful aqua and blue-green (an accident when I mixed two leftover colors).

Given the litany I just did with the painting job I’ve done years ago, I guess the main urge to paint stems from the unfinished master’s bedroom.  A haven for some, for us, it’s just a bedroom where there’s nothing but mattress and mess.  And that this time I’ve been wanting to finish – in neutral tones, that’s the plan (for the moment).

Allow me to show you the palettes I’m inclined to choose which are mostly coastal, beach greens.  And come to think of it, when I asked hubby what hues he want to go with the neutral tone, we were unanimous (note: he doesn’t like green).

Ribbet collageCounter clockwise: Crystal ClearSea HuesColor SchoolColor Swim via Design Seeds

Ribbet collageColor Swim 6Aboard ColorUnderwater HuesShell Tones via Design Seeds

Ribbet collageColor CurlSea TonesShore TonesColor Sea via Design Seeds

Which among the palettes are your bets?


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