ThIs poem is a true story told by James Kisner’s next door neighbor.

I did not comprehend it when the words first came to me,
It startled me at first, I didn’t know who it could be.

My son was having problems, with the vices of the day.
He had started down the road of life, but heading the wrong way.

I warned him time and time again. I hope it’s not too late.
And now it’s time to punish him but as I hesitate,

I’m so confused and don’t know how to punish my young son.
I only knew I must act then, and something must be done.

Then as I walked down to his room trying to decide,
I heard a voice that startled me, “Ground him by your side.”

The voice was strong and deep and it appeared to be a man.
I guess when angels first appear, you do not understand.

I knew it must be spiritual, for I was all alone.
And I could sense the difference, just listening to the tone.

As I pondered on the words, and what they really meant.
I could not grasp the meaning, or the reason they were sent.

Just how was I to use those words with meanings that were hid?
And in my mind those words echoed so this is what I did.

I told my son, “You’re out of line, and troubles on the way.
So this is how it’s going to be, and it will start today.”

“I want to know from here on out, exactly where you’re at.
Until you prove yourself to me, it’s going to be like that.”

“When you’re at school you’ll telephone, so I’ll know you’re all right.
And when I’m working you will do, the same thing here at night.”

“Then when we’re home, and even if you may think this is wrong,
When I go shopping or go out, you’ll also come along.”

He did not like the punishment, I saw it in his eyes.
And how I used the words I heard was even a surprise.

I wondered as I left his room, had I done right or wrong?
Will he rebel against me now or will he go along?

The weeks turned into months, with how our lives were rearranged.
And then one day, I noticed that our lives had really changed.

No longer was it punishment and no more did he dread.
The time we spent together, it was bonding time instead.

What started as a punishment that made me agonize.
Turned out to be a blessing, standing right before my eyes.

My son and I had grown so close, with love we had to find.
And always I could hear those words that whispered in my mind.

I never really understood the words when they first came.
And sometimes wondered if my mind, was totally insane.

The spirit world is active, angels move throughout the earth.
And you can read my story and take it for what it’s worth.

But now my son is doing fine, he is my source of pride.
And all because an angel said, “Just ground him by your side.”

~James Kisner~

***I kept this with me, a reminder to my own’s parenting path.


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