Tidbits Thursdays

In my years of world wide web, I collected bits and pieces of advice, reads, and anything of everything. During Thursday of each week, I’m going to feature my tidbit finds.tidbitthu

BEAUTY: Dry lips are annoying.  If you want your dried up puckers to be juicy and soft, rub cucumber skin on your lips to soothe the dryness.

FOOD: For easy removal of tomato skin, blanch them in very hot water for 8-10 minutes.  Then take it out of the water and peel away.

HOME: Here’s a floor care tip:  If you have wooden floor, never soak the floor as it will cause the wood to swell and then crack.  Place protector pads on furniture legs.  Beware of shoe heels and pet claws.  Use a pencil eraser to remove black heel marks on the floors.

ETSY: Thou Shall Thrift on Days Off Mug by TheScribbleStudio


LOVE:  Try to find something positive about your spouse instead of dwelling on his bad traits.  The first thing people say when they lose a loved one is: I wish I could have told him I loved him one last time.  So make a habit to say I love you sincerely everyday.

JOURNALING: Week in the Life


What’s your tidbit finds today?


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