Writing 101. Day 2: Write A List

When one writes a list, what comes to mind? Does it always start with likes and dislikes?
Mine’s a mixture of wants and to-dos, of chores and priorities in listed queues.
Those that I needed to finish today, and ones that are bound to be listed come what may.
Like the laundry that seems to be never ending, and the kitchen that I use for family feeding.

Then there are some that I can cross out my list, for once they are done they cease to exist.
Like calling to cancel a reservation, or taking an exam for certification.
And then there’s a list of the things that I want, and some that’s exclusively all about rants!
One list includes all my favorite shows, the other one lists all quotable quotes.
See my list is mundane, accounts of my chores. There’s nothing special, it’s a little bit bore.
Yet it helps me a lot when crossing a task, a sense of relief when I finish at dusk.

Do you list down your to-dos, too?


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