Writing 101, Day 3: Speechless

At times, the mundane makes me unappreciative of the little things that makes up my life and my family. Like the light I see in those eyes, and the smiles on those faces when I say I love you.  The touch of milk that left happy marks, the markers written on those walls, on those legs, on the mattress.  The jumps of joy when I brought something you all really like. The pretensions of sleeping because I told you all to do.  The disappointments on those faces when I don’t listen enough, the creases on those brows when irritated.  The fear on your faces when I give that certain look.  The contentment of holding you all in my arms.

How can I ever put that in words?

Mimi and Eunice, Angles Comic Cafe


I don’t know what to say.
Deep inside
I’m filled with emotions
that cannot be identified
with mere words.
I want to come up
with a better description.
Something right
to express how much I feel
but I can’t.
In the end,
I can only smile.
Everything leaves me

© 2015 ReadWriteSnap. All Rights Reserved.


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