About Feats and Trips

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

10246731_10152886429973504_8655055820909600880_nIn the world of fantasy, my anime counterpart is Sailor Moon. I would have opted for Kerokerokeroppi but then again, I’d rather be the princess.

I’m a couch potato, bingeing on series and movies when I have the time. I like to dance (when nobody’s around), and I’m a bit crazy around my close friends and family.

I’m a disciplinarian to my kids, a resident of the Lonestar State, a bookie/reader, and a hobbyist (blogging, writing, photography).

I mainly blog because I want to, on some days because I need to. At times when domesticity becomes too routine-routed, the kiddos are the ones who bring splashes of colors, both in my delight and exasperation. My husband is my salvation, for one hug brings peace to my OCD-ness and one quip brings a smile to my frowning face.

In all my imperfections, my family brings forth motivation to keep me on my toes and be better not just for myself. To say, I am still trying to mold myself in the process.

This blog attempts to record my reads, my inner thoughts, and my photography along my family’s journey, wherever life may lead us.


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