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Share The Load

My husband works, while I stay at home. So, I do the laundry.  I alone do the laundry, and that’s the way I like it.

In general, moms do all the work while having full time jobs. I salute them because I don’t think I would be able to do all the work around the house like in the video.  I wasn’t built not to share the load. My husband on the other hand, was raised helpful, he was brought up to help around the house, along with his siblings, hence…

When I’m busy, or doing nothing at all, he helps me in the kitchen.  He washes the dishes most of the time, prepare food for us when I can’t or won’t.  I know at times he doesn’t like it, but he helps me anyway.

He helps me around the house most of the time, so I wanted to do the laundry all by myself. He can help me fold them though, but the laundry is mine.

I know it’s different for everybody, and I can only share what is mine. Yet it comes down to the family, how we were nurtured, and if it’s in our nature. Outside of that, I presume change?


Writing 101, Day 3: Speechless

At times, the mundane makes me unappreciative of the little things that makes up my life and my family. Like the light I see in those eyes, and the smiles on those faces when I say I love you.  The touch of milk that left happy marks, the markers written on those walls, on those legs, on the mattress.  The jumps of joy when I brought something you all really like. The pretensions of sleeping because I told you all to do.  The disappointments on those faces when I don’t listen enough, the creases on those brows when irritated.  The fear on your faces when I give that certain look.  The contentment of holding you all in my arms.

How can I ever put that in words?

Mimi and Eunice, Angles Comic Cafe


I don’t know what to say.
Deep inside
I’m filled with emotions
that cannot be identified
with mere words.
I want to come up
with a better description.
Something right
to express how much I feel
but I can’t.
In the end,
I can only smile.
Everything leaves me

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Writing 101. Day 2: Write A List

When one writes a list, what comes to mind? Does it always start with likes and dislikes?
Mine’s a mixture of wants and to-dos, of chores and priorities in listed queues.
Those that I needed to finish today, and ones that are bound to be listed come what may.
Like the laundry that seems to be never ending, and the kitchen that I use for family feeding.

Then there are some that I can cross out my list, for once they are done they cease to exist.
Like calling to cancel a reservation, or taking an exam for certification.
And then there’s a list of the things that I want, and some that’s exclusively all about rants!
One list includes all my favorite shows, the other one lists all quotable quotes.
See my list is mundane, accounts of my chores. There’s nothing special, it’s a little bit bore.
Yet it helps me a lot when crossing a task, a sense of relief when I finish at dusk.

Do you list down your to-dos, too?


Writing 101, Day 1: Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

I write to ease myself from the winding thoughts inside my head.
I write to make sense of all the things I’ve left unsaid.
I write to give myself alternatives.
I write to capture my thoughts before it leaves.

Why do I write?

I write to make myself remember.
I write because I’d like to look back in September.
I write to give my mind some space.
I write to keep small memories from dwindling in a haze.

Why do I write?

I write because I love to write.
I write because it keeps my sanity in a bind.
I write since it is my therapy.
I write simply because it makes me happy.




How I Feel on Christmas

Christmas is upon us, I can feel it in the air. When it does, I’m filled with sadness and joy, both something I do bear. The music that Christmas plays, touch my heart deeply. With something that turns me back to my past ever gently. I don’t know why Christmas season do that to me. All I know is that I love it, with delight and melancholy.

- author and books · middle grade

Middle Grade Bestsellers

Serafina and the Black Cloak
by Robert Beatty 
Living secretly in the basement of a grand estate where her pa works as a maintenance man, young Serafina narrowly escapes a black-cloaked man who has been abducting local children and who Serafina, aided by a youth from the estate, endeavors to expose. 
The Isle of the Lost : A Descendents Novel 
by Melissa De la Cruz 
The teen offspring of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Jafar and Cruella de Vil search for a cursed magical relic that will help them escape from the dreary isle where their wicked parents have been exiled. By the author of the Blue Bloods series.

The Thing About Jellyfish 
by Ali Benjamin 

A teen determinedly investigates the drowning death of her best friend to prove that the tragedy occurred because of a rare jellyfish sting. A first solo novel by the co-author of The Keeper. 

 by Katherine Applegate 

Fearing his family will have to move into their minivan when they suffer another financial setback, Jackson finds support and comfort through his friendship with a giant imaginary cat. By the Newbery Medal-winning author of The One and Only Ivan.